Hsin-Lin (Faith) Chiao

Hsin-Lin’s paintings form an intimate expression of life, revealing its beauty, complexities, and contradictions.  Born into a pastor’s family, Hsin-Lin grew up in Taiwan and immigrated to the United States at the age of fifteen.  She studied art and obtained her BFA in 1988 from North Park University in Chicago.

Hsin-Lin has been painting all of her life.  But after she married and had her daughter, she temporarily put her art career on hold until the year 2000 when she picked up her brush again. It was at this time she created a new organic style, one we see today in her extensive collection of paintings.

In the past, Hsin-Lin’s artwork was graphic and sharp edged; now, her technique resembles a more mature multi-dimentional style.  Her objective is to articulate the intricacies of everyday life, looking beneath the surface of norms and beliefs, while always remaining connected to nature.  She works with a combination of acrylic, colored pencils, and molding paste on canvas to realize this objective.


Hsin-Lin’s approach to art is organic and intimate, as it arises out of her interactions with books, music, and people.  But most titles such as “Faith,” “Prayer,” “Draw Me Closer to You,” “Love That Lasts,” and “Passion of the Christ” are inspired by God through events placed in her life, events that brought her closer to her Heavenly Father.

In 1997, Hsin-Lin’s life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Fortunately, the cancer was caught at an early stage of development, and she fought through it with much perseverance and determination. A few years later, her older sister and mother were also found to have cancer but are blessed with good health today. Then in 2003, Hsin-Lin’s brother, who had been struggling with depression for a number of years, took his own life.  This loss brought such sorrow to Hsin-Lin and her family.  Finally, her husband of fifteen years left her for another woman.  He had always been in a never ending chain of affairs.  This was the most trying time of all; having the person she loved most leave her was heartbreaking.  Yet, as Hsin-Lin traveled through these days of troubles, she understood that God was always near and that these hardships were tools to mold her character and to draw her closer to God.

Hsin-Lin says, “Through these difficult times, I sought God; I did not ask him to get me out. I only asked that He would let me persevere.  God was faithful. He walked with me through all these troubles. God gave me faith and spiritual strength to rise above my circumstances. Today, as I look back at the ways God touched my life, I marvel at how He led me to a greater understanding of His heart.”

God was faithful over the years, and Hsin-Lin’s relationship with Him helped her to start a new life and to reap the very best of it.  Her art has been the core of this new beginning, and all of her feelings and emotions of her past experiences are deeply exposed through her work.  Hsin-Lin says, “I feel as if God sends designs right through my mind and into my fingertips.”

Besides painting, Hsin-Lin enjoys interior design, fashion, ballet, and playing the violin.  She is a woman of great strength, integrity, courage, and talent.  Her life and character expressed through her art is an enormous blessing to the world.

Hsin-Lin’s work can be found in many private collections as well as corporate installations.  The versatility of her work lends itself to creative adaptations including two and three dimensional forms.  Corporate annual reports, restaurant menus, and note cards are a few of the custom projects Hsin-Lin has collaborated on with patrons.

Hsin-Lin also collaborates with many philanthropic groups interested in reproducing her art into articles for fundraising events including silk scarves, ornaments, inspirational plaques, and jewelry.  You may contact her to learn more.


  • Exhibition, David Barnett Gallery, Milwaukee, WI 12/15 – Present
  • Exhibition, Echelon Apartments, Wauwatosa, WI 07/16
  • Exhibition, Timothy Cobb Fine Arts, Milwaukee, WI 4/14 – 6/14
  • Exhibition, Timothy Cobb Fine Arts, Milwaukee, WI 12/13
  • Exhibition, The Hudson, Milwaukee, WI 5/13
  • Solo Exhibition, Transitions, Milwaukee, WI  4/11 – present
  • Solo Exhibition, Falcon, Milwaukee, WI  4/10
  • Exhibition, Galleria West, Mequon, WI  5/09
  • Exhibition, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI  7/08
  • Solo Exhibition, Cranston Accents, Milwaukee, WI  4/08 – 7/08
  • Solo Exhibition, Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI  3/08
  • Solo Exhibition, James Store Gallery, Waukesha, WI  10/07
  • Exhibition, Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI  2/07
  • Exhibition, Stillwaters Gallery Night, Waukesha, WI  02/07
  • Exhibition, Mio Bella, Brookfield, WI  02/07
  • Solo Exhibition, Diamond Ink Gallery, Milwaukee, WI  2/06
  • Solo Exhibition, Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI  2/05
  • Solo Exhibition, Froedert Medical College Library, Milwaukee, WI  4/04
  • Exhibition, Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI  02/04
  • Commissioned Exhibit for Milwaukee Ballet Co. 02/04
  • Lil Gabriel Galleria, Brookfield,WI  02/04
  • Exhibition, Art Escape Gallery, Thiensville, WI 11/03
  • Exhibition, Visions Gallery, Albany, NY 09/03
  • Published Art work in Screed, Miss Mary Art Space, Albany, NY 06/03
  • Exhibition, The Art Center of Capital Region, Troy, NY 06/03
  • Exhibition, Les Bohemes, Troy, NY 04/03
  • Juried Exhibition, Fulton Gallery, Troy, NY 12/01


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B.A., Department of Fine Arts   May 1988
North Park University, Chicago, IL

Intensive Course in Sewing and Tailoring    Summer 1987
Ray Vogue School of Design, Chicago, IL